Puppyland is a limited liability company (registered trade name under Doxiedor LLC, out of Riverside, CA).
Doxiedor LLC

Puppyland owners are Kayla and Justin Kerr.

They are not new to the pet store industry. 

Kayla Kerr worked at Broadway Puppies along side David Salinas.

Broadway Puppies

In July 2017, CAPS (Companion Animal Protection Society) went undercover and investigated David Salinas's pet shops, one of which was Broadway Puppies.

 CAPS Investigations

It was found that Broadway Puppies was receiving dogs from multiple breeders, some of which included Dennis & Donna Van Wyk (Prairie Lane Kennels) and Doug & Wendie Dettbarn (Purple Heart Kennels).

Prairie Lane Kennels CAPS investigation
Purple Heart Kennel CAPS investigation

A bill was presented that would ban the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in the State of California. The Kerr's were actively involved in trying to halt the ban from being enacted, sending emails from multiple email addresses. (see pages 18, 24, 38, 54)
San Marcos City Council Item #9

California has since enacted a state wide law, banning the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores, effective January 2019.

Could that have prompted their move to Washington state? A state WITHOUT a state wide law which bans the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores.


Fast forward to October 2018. Washington State Department of Agriculture releases the vet records showing that 129 puppies have been shipped (via truck) from Britt, Iowa to Puyallup, Washington from 10/22-12/3/18.

Vet records

"Where do your puppies come from?

Our puppies come from USDA licensed breeders that do not have any direct violations within the last 2 years. A direct violation is one that affects the health/welfare of a dog or puppy.  We watch their USDA inspection reports very closely to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Occasionally we can use a professional hobby breeder depending on their breeding program. Things we look for are exercise plans,  socialization"

J.A.K.S Puppies Inc is a USDA broker/dealer NOT a USDA breeder.


"Now, there is a rumor that our puppies come in a semi in the dead of night. This is absurd. We have a special transport van that has built in kennels, special ventilation/heating/cooling…"
(From Puppyland's public Facebook post made 10/18/18)

As you can see on the above veterinary inspection records, puppies are transported from Britt, Iowa BY TRUCK. That is a 24 hour drive from Britt IA to Puyallup, WA. The last food/water check is indicated at 3AM.  


The veterinary inspection reports state Britt Vet Clinic is the vet who cleared the puppies for transport.

There is no website for for Britt Vet Clinic. Britt Vet Clinic's phone number is disconnected.



  1. Hey guys, my name is Jon Gramstad, and I along with 3 others are Hannah Society Exposed (please visit our site).
    We were heavily involved in trying to shut down Hannah The Pet Society here in Portland, the largest of the pet leasing businesses. As you already know, Puppy Land is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need anything from us, feel free to reach out.
    We were instrumental in getting Hannah investigated and fined by the DOJ. Hopefully, we have somewhat crippled their business.

    1. I really would like to hear more about this story. I recently went into a local puppyland and noticed that almost ALL of the puppies were dead asleep. I tried calling and whistling at the puppies (even though there are signs throughout the store that say “respect sleeping puppies”) just to try to get a reaction out of some and they were unable to lift their heads and/or get up. Some of their eyes were twitching and it was just a very hard sight to see. I asked one of the associates what was administered to the puppies that would allow them to sleep this way, and was told that they “sleep as much as a normal puppy”. They also were being given water through a water feeder for a bunny. Very weird experience all around.

  2. I know personally that dogs are being brought in with no vaccine records or papers and then being taken out of the store by 2 employees that switch their license plates on cars and sell them via craigslist and offer up. I have the cars and plates used along with names.

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