Puppyland Health Record

If this doesn't scream "PUPPY MILL CARE", I don't know what does!

Medication for worms, giardia and coccidia at TWO days old?! Pyrantel is the only dewormer given to underage puppies, however it is given at 2 weeks, NOT 2 days old.

Reputable breeders would not need to vaccinate until 8 weeks until as mom is already vaccinated, meaning the puppies are already protected.  Reputable breeders also would not have coccidia or giardia in their facility.

Core vaccines are not normally given until 6-8 weeks old and are not completed until 12-16 weeks old. *

This puppy had his first core vaccine at only 4 weeks old and his last one at 8 weeks old.

Did you notice that there is no vet information on this 'health record'? Shouldn't the public know who is providing previous veterinary services to their new pet?

*Reputable breeders follow the standard vaccination schedule. Rescues may vaccinate at 4 weeks old if the puppy's background is unknown as the risk of infection could be deadly if they are not vaccinated. 

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