Puppyland claims their 'number one priority is finding their puppies their fur-ever, happy homes' and that they offer 'a lifetime of support and commitment to these puppies'. They say that they have a rehoming home program.. yet they don't actually take their dogs back.

  • The previous buyer is not required to contact Puppyland if they cannot keep them (per Puppyland's paperwork).
  • If the previous buyer does choose to contact Puppyland when they cannot keep their puppy, the previous buyer is required to keep them (per Puppyland's website)
  • Then Puppyland posts a vague post on their Facebook page about this 'handsome little boy' looking for his fur'ever home.
  • If someone is interested, they are provided with the previous owners phone # or email address and Puppyland is out of the picture.

This is not a rehoming program! 

Puppyland does nothing to ensure their puppies end up in a qualified home to begin with, and then when shockingly that impulse buy doesn't work out, they do nothing to make sure the puppy doesn't end up on Craigslist or dumped in a shelter.

Take a look below at all of the puppies (that we know about) that have been 'rehomed' through their 'fur-ever a home program'. As you can see, none of those puppies are back in Puppyland's possession.

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