MYTH #1: Puppyland only uses the best breeders

"Our puppies come from professional and USDA licensed breeders that do not have any direct violations within the last 2 years. A direct violation is one that affects the health/welfare of a dog or puppy.  We watch their USDA inspection reports very closely to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Occasionally we can use a professional hobby breeder depending on their breeding program. Things we look for are exercise plans, socialization as well as health and temperament of parents"


Puppyland get their puppies from a USDA broker called JAKS
Puppies Inc out of Britt Iowa. JAKS is one of the largest puppy mill brokers in the country and currently supplies 7 states and 29 pet stores with puppy mill puppies. JAKS owner created a fake rescue and is currently being sued for her puppy laundering scheme. Dogs never have to be let out of their cages, breeders only need to have an exercise plan written up. The USDA does not require a socialization plan. Pet stores claim they look for these things to make it appear like their puppies are coming from anywhere other than a puppy mill. Don’t believe the lies.


MYTH #2: Giardia and Coccidia are 'normal' for puppies to have

"Giardia and Coccidiossis are common puppy parasites. Coccidia parasites are always present in adult dog’s intestines, and puppies are introduced to coccidida through their mothers. Giardia lives in wet areas and is transmitted from drinking contaminated water, mutual grooming, or from mom.  Continuing the deworming schedule that the breeder and our store started will help get rid of these parasites"


The most common way for dogs to become infected with Giardia is by drinking contaminated water.  The most common way for dogs to become infected with Coccidia is by coming in contact with feces or soil contaminated with feces. Reputable breeders would not have Giardia or Coccidia in their facility.   Puppyland’s puppies are being vaccinated and medicated to cure Giardia and Coccida at only two days old.


MYTH #3: Puppyland's puppies do not come in on a semi in the dead of the night

"Our puppies are transported in a special van that has unique ventilation, temperature control systems, clean food and water, a safe kennel system, and 2 trained animal care experts"


The CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) clearly shows that JAKS transports their puppies to Puppyland by truck. A semi-truck, drives 25 hours from Britt, Iowa to Puyallup, WA at 3am to deliver puppies.
Puppyland CVIs

MYTH #4: Puppyland cares about their puppies and ensures they go to a good home

"Most puppies find homes within a few days. Others take a little longer, but we reduce their price to ensure they find a home as quickly as possible"


Discounting puppies to make a quick sale?? This is disturbing and very concerning as to where those ‘discount’ puppies will end up. Puppies are not products!

MYTH #5: AKC means your puppy came from a 'reputable' breeder

"All puppies will be registered AKC companion, but most will come with paperwork to fully register them with a kennel club. Some examples of registries are AKC, ACA, ACHC, and ASDR. There are many more"


Your puppy being ‘registered’ does not mean it is coming from a reputable breeder. AKC is a registry. They register purebreds (even mixed breeds under their PAL number). AKC supports the puppy mill industry because they make them a lot of money by registering their litters. Puppy mills have lots of litters. AKC also actively opposes any legislation that would better the lives of the dogs under the USDA’s care. https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/washington-considering-two-bills-limiting-consumer-choice-tuesday-2-12-19-2/


MYTH #6: Pet stores do not contribute to the pet overpopulation problem

"At Puppyland we do encourage you to spay/neuter your puppy. Speak with your vet about when the best time to fix your puppy is. If you bring in a proof of spay/neuter from your vet we will give you a free bag of food"


Puppyland is absolutely contributing to the homeless pet population here in Washington! On top of having no application/screening process to ensure their puppies go to their forever home, they have no spay/neuter contracts in place. This business model is completely irresponsible and unacceptable!

MYTH #7: Our '10 year guarantee' means you are getting a healthy puppy

"We also have a 10 year hereditary/congenital warranty. If a puppy were to pass away from a congenital or hereditary condition within the first year of purcahse we will replace him/her with a puppy of equal or lesser value at no cost to you! We know emotionally we cannot replace a loved fur-baby, however we do believe that getting another puppy helps with the healing process. From years 2-10 if the puppy were to pass away from a herediary condition you will be entitled to a 50% store credit towards a puppy of your choosing. The credit is not transferrable, there are some exlusions and requirements that do apply" ***

"Congenital conditions develop not from genetics, but influences which occur while the puppy was still in-utero. These could be environmental factors, health/condition of the mother, or some other unknown factor. A hereditary condition is one that is genetically predetermined"

***typos above are not on our end. This is pulled from Puppylands website. (accessed 6/4/19) https://puppylandwa.com/about-us/health-guarantees/


'Replacing' an animal after they die, as if that makes it all okay?? Why are your puppies dying, Puppyland? Absolutely disgusting!

Congenital conditions are uncommon when dogs are raised in a clean, healthy environment and health tested prior to breeding. Puppy mills practice breed for 'quantity' over 'quality'. Females are bred early, bred often, and there is no screening for heritable disorders. On top of congenital & hereditary conditions, puppy mill puppies show an increased risk of aggression towards their owners and other dogs, as well as being more likely to escape or run away.







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