Do all of our puppies findĀ homes?
Yes, they do! Most puppies find homes within a few days. Others take a little longer, but we reduce their price to ensure they find a home as quickly as possible

As you can see.. Puppyland lacks policies to keep their dogs safe once they leave their store.

Reputable rescues and Reputable breeders require or have in place:

  • Application process
  • References/Home checks
  • Spay/neuter policies
  • Rehoming polices (Reputable rescues and breeders ALWAYS take their dogs back at ANY point in their lives)

Puppyland's policies:

  • NO application
  • NO spay/neuter contract
  • NO rehoming program
  • Discount puppies for a quick sale
  • Payment plans

Puppyland's lack of policies is concerning. Anyone can come in today and buy a puppy, regardless of previous pet ownership, living situation, or financial stability.

Sure, a payment plan sounds great. Only $100 a month? I can do that!... until your puppy eats something it shouldn't have and has an obstruction. Then what? Obstruction surgery is costly. No, that wouldn't be covered under their "10 year health guarantee" either.

Puppyland promotes impulse buys, encourages irresponsible pet ownership, and will contribute to the overpopulation pet problem we have here in the United States.